Metro Immigration International is a reliable and trusted Canadian immigration firm, specializing in all kinds of the Canadian immigration.

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Why Use An Immigration Representative?

During the last years, considerable and complicated changes have been made in the field of the Canadian immigration law. Citizenship and Immigration Canada was in the permanent process of developing new regulations, frequently changing instructions and rules, which affected the processing of numerous immigration cases. Those protected, informed and well advised by their immigration representatives found themselves in a much more favorable situation in the times of frequent changes.

Our firm takes measures to be informed of the latest  Immigration to Canada news. As the member of The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, we discuss changes in the Canadian Immigration Law and latest legal precedents at our regular conferences and meetings. With the precise knowledge of latest developments we can work out the right strategy for our clients' situation and needs. For many clients it means the real turning point from the questionable case to the successful case.

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Here are the reasons for choosing our firm as your legal representative:

1. We offer affordable competitive prices for our services in all areas of the Canadian Immigration.

2. As soon as we open your file at one of the Canadian immigration offices, we will prepare the Canadian job market research kit for you, in your specific profession, free of charge, and will offer it for your consideration to help you to make plans or take in advance the right steps towards your future life in Canada.

3. We will supply you with effective English language study materials, to make it easier for you to perfect your English language skills and prepare for the English test IELTS.

4. We will supply you with complete interview preparation materials, including frequently asked interview questions. We will train our clients for the interview at the Canadian visa post in order to ensure its success.

5. Located in Toronto, Ontario, we are close to governmental and immigration institutions, which makes it easier to take quick actions at the right time in the best interests of our clients.

6. Our firm supports newcomers after their arrival in Canada through our network of dependable partners in finding accommodation, resolving settlement issues and helping to find the job in the very first days in Canada.

7. We offer the expert advice how to quickly and easily immigrate to Canada!

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