Metro Immigration International is a reliable and trusted Canadian immigration firm, specializing in all kinds of the Canadian immigration.

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Our Services

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Our Services

We were fortunate in having met many great clients, talented, educated, gifted and dedicated people immigrating to Canada from various counties of the world, now - Canadian citizens and permanent residents, living and working in Canada and adding the great potential to our country.

Our clients' successful immigration to Canada is the great inspiration for us to keep higher standards of work as a Canadian immigration firm.

During the application process, we work together with our clients preparing complete application packages, and advising our clients in collecting necessary documents, which can speak in favour of the applicant and add credits to the success of the application, ensuring the highest possibility of approval.

We advise the client regarding the requirements of the corresponding work experience in his profession. We check the possibility of receiving additional immigration points for the Canadian employment opportunities, which may arise during the processing period.We assess clients' number of immigration points and advise clients about the possible ways to increase their total score of points.

When a client's application package is prepared and ready to be sent to the visa office, we submit it to the appropriate Canadian Embassy, Immigration Regional Program Centre or Processing Centre with our legal submissions.

We underline all positive sides of the application and include our arguments for the interview waiver, or outline our reasons for the positive discretion in a questionable case.

We advise clients of interview waiting times, represent clients in direct correspondence with embassies, and we are there for all telephone and email inquiries. As soon as interviews at Canadian Embassy or Consulates are appointed, we prepare clients for interviews.

We correspond with the immigration service, making inquiries in case of processing delays, reply to the correspondence from the embassies and consulates, clear all discrepancies and monitor the application progress in embassies or consulates at all stages of the case processing until the time of the Permanent Residence visa issuance. We help our clients to start a new life after emigration from their first country and upon their arrival in Canada. Successfully landed immigrants need to get settled, to find jobs in Canada, to set up their homes. We are there for them to give the valuable information and advice, to help with recommendations and references, to put them on the right track to the successful start.

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