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When Planning to move to another country


Taking the important decision

"Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide"
Napoleon Bonaparte

When planning the move to another country, there are many factors to be considered and studied:

-What are the costs of immigration?

Click our section "Permanent residence" - Government Fees.

-How long does it take to go through all formalities and receive the permanent residents' visas?

Although the immigration process may take more than 1 year, you can start preparations for your new life in Canada right away.

-Where are you going to live upon arrival?

We can help you to find a place to live before your arrival.

-Will you be able to find a job in Canada right away?

We can help you to find a job from your first days in Canada.

-Will you be able to find a qualified professional job?

We can give you the precise information of steps to take in the right direction.

-Are there any of your countrymen living in Canada and where are they?

We will provide you with the information and directions in advance.

-Who can provide assistance in case you will need it?

There are many organizations and services in Canada to provide assistance to new immigrants. Once in Canada, you are protected by the Canadian law.

It is also useful to understand your reasons for emigration from your country and the benefits immigration to Canada can bring to you, and formulate your plans for future in Canada in advance.

We offer you not only the immigration services, but also our support and assistance upon your arrival in Canada; and our knowledge will be of the immense benefit to you. Apart from the immigration services, we can provide a wealth of most recent information on employment, education and professional upgrading.

With materials Metro Immigration International provides, you can begin working with numerous employment agencies and consultants in advance, contact companies which may require your services or start study neighborhoods, where you would like to reside.

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