In the hard times of the global crisis, Canada remains the best country for life.

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada has worked out the new and promising system of the Canadian immigration.

Assess your chances and apply today!

Click on Free Assessment - it is online evaluation of your chances for Canadian immigration with the personal follow-up by experts in the Canadian Immigration.


Express Entry is a new immigration system.

You are welcome to enter Canada in less then 6 months!



On January 1, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada

introduced the new immigration system - Express Entry.

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada launcheda new system offering the express entry to Canada to those immigrants, who are qualified to fill work vacancies for which there are no Canadian professionals, based on the needs of the Canadian job market.

The candidates will be choosen according the labour requirements of Canadian employers, provinces and territoies. Qualified candidates in

* Federal Skilled Workers Program

* Federal Skilled Trades Program

* Canadian Experience Class, or

* Nominated by provinces,

will be offered Express Entry to Canada, and stay as the permanent resident.

Canada is selecting the best candidates able to achive success in Canada, with good language skilles, higher education and the relevant work experience.

Due to the changes announced on January 1, 2015, there is no quota on a number of applications Citizenship and Immigration Canada accepts in the duration of one year in the Federal Skilled Workers class and no List of Occupations.

Fill out the online Questionnaire - Free Assessment - and we will inform you in two business days about your chances for the success with Express Entry to Canadian Immigration.

The new application process is a Two-Step:

Step 1

You fill your profile and register with Job Bank.

In case you qualify and meet the criteria, your data will be forwarded to the Express Entry Pool. Now, you should offer your skills and professionalism to employers. From that Pool, the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship (CIC), as well as provinces, territories and employers will pick the candidates with required skills and offer them a job.

Step 2

Having a job offer, you receive an Invitation to Apply from the CIC. You can now submit your appllication forms and documentation for Permanent Residence in Canada. Your documentation will be processed in less than 6 months.

If you are thinking of living and working in Canada, please complete the Assessment Questionnaire - Free Assessment, right away for the evaluation of your personal credentials.


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